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Towers & Infrastructure Solutions

Cabling Hub’s specialized Towers and infrastructure services are designed to propel your business to greater heights. Our turnkey solutions for free-standing and guy wire communication towers are implemented by a team of specialized and experienced on-site engineers. Building solid towers in addition to setting up the infrastructure needed for your wireless demands are some of the things Cabling Hubs excels at. Our towers act as a testament to our dedicated effort in providing exceptional connectivity to clients, regardless of whether you are developing an existing network or setting up from scratch.

Enhancing Your Connectivity with Effective Infrastructure Services

The location of towers always has a critical part in building an effective network. To place the towers effectively and provide the best possible signal strength and a quietly integrated infrastructure, Cabling Hub’s experts perform thorough site evaluations for Tower Deployment.

Cabling Hub offers a full range of services for wireless communication towers and the supporting infrastructure, which includes

  1. Rooftop Tower Installation: We can deploy and install communication towers on top of the rooftops of your existing structure. This solution will be a space-efficient choice and is especially useful if you have less ground space.
  2. Tower engineering and design: Communication tower design and construction are handled by Cabling Hub’s certified team of on-site engineers. This covers the design of the structure and requirements necessary to ensure that the towers fulfil standards for safety and efficiency.
  3. Compliance with Aviation and Transportation standards: Cabling Hub’s towers and Infrastructure solutions comply with the regulatory procedures, especially when managing taller structures that include communication towers.
  4. Site construction and foundations: Cabling Hub manages site construction, which includes setting up and installing communication tower foundations. The stability and durability of a tower structure always rely on a solid, well-planned foundation.
  5. Support Services for tower assembly and rigging: Cabling Hub offers assistance with the construction and assembly of wireless towers. This includes tower rigging, and making sure that the tower is put together and erected in a safe and secure manner and is in compliance with the design standards.
  6. Antenna installation: Antenna Installation on the communication towers is effectively handled by Cabling Hub’s team. It is vital for the best possible signal transmission that antennas should be positioned precisely and firmly.
  7. Feed-line Installation: Cabling Hub effectively oversees the installation of feed lines, which are the cables for transferring signals across antennas and other electric equipment.
  8. Grounding Systems: The Cabling Hub also handles the Grounding systems design which is important for human safety and to also shield equipment from electrical surges.
  9. Guy wire towers handling: Cabling Hub can manage guy wires as needed, including tensioning and replacement which gives communication towers more stability and support.
  10. Lighting Systems Design and protection, Mast design, installation, and maintenance, as well as Painting, & rooftop installation are among the other towers and infrastructure services that are offered by Cabling Hub.

Get a Quick Quote for Wireless towers and communications infrastructure solutions

We have been serving clients across Canada for their wired and wireless networking requirements for over two decades now which includes major cities such as Brampton, Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, and Mississauga.

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