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Server Room Design

Server Room Design

A good Server room design has a crucial role to perform in an organization’s business continuity and performance. It very much influences your network planning altogether and we understand that it is therefore a must to have a server room that is excellently planned and designed. So if you are setting up a Server room or redesigning a new server room? Or Need a Server room cabling design? We can help you from start till the end of the whole process by assisting in the design of your server room and setting up planned network cabling services. Structured Data cabling is an art and we have passionate cabling experts to set up your data and voice cabling network. Our Systematic server room cabling design services help your server room to look aesthetic and organized. Also, good cabling improves data flow, and proper airflow and reduces data dropouts giving you seamless connectivity.

Efficient Server Room Cabling Solutions

A well-managed server room cabling is an art as we mentioned and is a very essential aspect to be looked after for your business. If this is implemented properly, it can reduce troubleshooting time dramatically while keeping your data loss at the minimum. There are quite a number of factors that you have to keep in mind while planning for an organized server room wiring.

Some of these factors includes:

  • Ensure enough room and space to allow proper server room cabling
  • Keep Data and electric cabling in separate zones
  • Always create system designs before working onsite
  • Cabling should always be color-coded or labelled
  • Always keep note of attenuation and crosstalk
  • Always use good quality Cabling material and testing equipment
  • Use zip ties and cable ties to keep the Cables organized
  • Keep enough heads and cable around to make replacements

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Cabling Hub offers server room design services to clients whether they own and operate small, mid-sized, or large-scale businesses. You can rely on us to provide you with the best quality IT server room cable management solutions. We are based in the Toronto area and provide services all across the Greater Toronto Area which includes Brampton, Mississauga, Richmond Hill, Scarborough, Agincourt, Milton, Hamilton, Whitby, Vaughan, and other surrounding areas in the GTA. Give us a call now to get in touch with our experienced team of experts for a free assessment!

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