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Network Cabling Types

Network Cabling is the medium most effectively used to move information from one network device to another. The development of your network is a carefully thought out plan that will allow all of your computer systems to be able to share information with ease by linking them together. Several different cables are used with local area networks, or LANS. This type of network is best for sharing resources like files, printers, games or other applications within a close proximity of each other. Such places as office buildings, schools, or even a home utilize this method of sharing. The LAN connects to other LANs, to the Internet or may be plugged into a wide area network or WAN. A WAN is simply a geographically-dispersed collection of LANs that are connected together by a router.

A LAN is created with several types of cable. In order for your network to be the most efficient, the type of cable selected will be specific to your network’s topology, protocol, and size. The development of your successful network by the Toronto Cabling Company will be a result of our expertise in the understanding of different types of cable and how they relate to other aspects of a network.

An Ethernet LAN is the most common type of local area network and the smallest of LANs can have just two computers. A large LAN can consist of hundreds or even thousands of devices spread across several buildings. The type, configuration may be plugged into larger networks and number of devices involved will determine the level of management required to run a LAN.

Cabling Hub – Toronto Cabling Company is well equipped to install the network that best suits you and your business needs. With a smart plan, our Cabling Technicians will ensure that your network is flawless and capable. Whether you need new offices, industrial sites, retail stores, small business or residential installations networked together, we can provide you with the effective service.
Many technological changes have taken place through the years and keeping in tune with what is coming and going is our focus. At our cabling company, we know the technology of choice for our clients and design a network that will work best.

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