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Commercial Audio Video Solutions

Toronto Phone, Voice, VoIP Cabling

From Lecture Halls, Auditoriums, to Meeting Rooms – CablingHub can provide Audio Video Solutions implementations anywhere you ask. We offer you the Best Audiovisual Solutions Customized According to your Needs.

CablingHub offers Commercial Audiovisual solutions for businesses of all sizes. No matter what sector — government or private business, entertainment or education, — communication is essential everywhere, in every environment. We will provide the services that suit your business’s audio-video requirements the most, whether you are attempting to keep meetings productive, educate clients or staff, or address a sizable group of people. Use an audiovisual control system in your training room, boardroom, or conference room to make a lasting impression. Our skilled team of experts becomes your audiovisual edge in this rapidly evolving technological world and serves your needs in the best way possible.

Our Background in providing specialized AV Solutions

Toronto Phone, Voice, VoIP Cabling

CablingHub provides a range of Audio Video solutions for companies all across Canada as well as many other regions and especially in particular the Greater Toronto Area. We have been installing cutting-edge Audio video solutions for more than 20 years. We take great satisfaction in providing specialized solutions using the most up-to-date, dependable software and hardware equipment available. Our technicians are highly skilled and qualified professionals. To provide customers with AV and collaboration solutions, CablingHub has partnerships with some of the industry’s top manufacturers. Our customers can operate their speakers, microphones, and all other audiovisual system equipment with just a few clicks thanks to the completely automated control systems that we design and install.

Our Commercial Audio Video Solutions include:

Sound Masking

We offer solutions to eliminate any kind of noise distractions and provide a comfortable and silent environment to help you work with better productivity and concentration at your workplace.

Public Addressing System

Our PA system solutions help clients with their needs, involving giving presentations, addressing large gatherings, or making state announcements with clear voice quality.

Meeting Rooms and Boardroom Setups

With the most advanced and latest technology, CablingHub will design the hardware settings that will furnish you with what a modern-day meeting room should look like.

Floor Tracks and Cable Organizers

CablingHub provides solutions to organize floor-running wires and exposed cables. We assist in preventing entanglement, entrapment in moving parts of machinery, and protecting & shielding wires from wear.

Video Walls installations

CablingHub has perfect solutions for you whether your video wall needs to be utilized for information display, digital signage, or a control room.

Trust Cabling Hub for your AV requirements

By utilizing an integrated strategy of communication that combines science with creativity, CablingHub will be eagerly looking forward to assisting you in enhancing your AV experience. We aim to work towards enhancing collaboration within companies and fostering deeper connections with clients through comprehensive audio-video solutions.

CablingHub has experience spanning over 2 decades in the AV industry, and we have earned the respect and goodwill of all our current and past clients in Toronto and many of the surrounding towns & cities such as Brampton, Mississauga, Markham, Kitchener, and Vaughan. To maintain our reputation and satisfy our clients we always strive to supply and install the most reliable and stable solutions for offices, buildings, and all kinds of venues. We try to be reasonable with costs and charges for our service and respond to resolve any of your queries post-service as quickly as possible.

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Need pricing for any of your Audio Video services needs? Not to worry! Our experienced sales team can provide you with a free estimate for all kinds of AV Solutions you want. You can compare and choose the best as per your requirements! A full site survey if needed would be undertaken before we provide any fixed costs.

Get in touch with us online (Email: or by calling at Toll Free number +1(416) 273-7615 today. Talk to our expert team and we assure you that you would love to work with us.

Other Commercial Audio Video Solutions

Sound Masking Solutions

Public Addressing System

Video Walls

Meeting Rooms and Boardroom

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