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Phone Paging Systems and Intercom Installation

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Business paging systems are essential to increase safety and security in both large and small businesses. Being able to communicate quickly and easily in emergency and non-emergency situations is not only efficient but imperative in certain situations. At Cabling Hub, we understand the importance of being able to communicate with everyone in the building and the design and service of paging systems is one of our strongest capabilities. There is a large variety of amplifiers, speakers, horns & volume controls available in the market today. This can make it difficult to know which products are most well-suited for your facility.

We are experienced sound contractors in Toronto and the surrounding area and have technicians who have been engineering, installing, and repairing business paging systems with great success. Cabling Hub will meet your needs and provide you with the communication interface that your business needs to run smoothly.

It can be challenging to resolve paging issues in industrial facilities, retail businesses, schools, and other businesses without professional help. Whether the problem is with a component in the system or the cabling, our technicians can troubleshoot and find the best solution. Business paging systems that fail or malfunction create disruptions to operations. It is our goal to utilize equipment with the longest life expectancy and the best performance to minimize disruptions and maintenance costs.

After determining our clients’ needs, we install the system that will be most reliable and fitting to the facility, in a manner that saves time, and cost, as well as simplifies the installation process. Our paging solutions can interface with an existing phone system so that paging can be done directly from your telephone handset, if you want. Also available are wireless paging systems.

When deciding which type of system you require, it is best to be well-informed. With attention to detail, we can help provide you with answers and solutions for your business paging system. The ease of being able to contact personnel in large offices or warehouses will allow workers to focus on more pressing issues and increase productivity.

Telephone System Interface

A new paging system can be integrated with almost any phone system platform on the market so that paging announcements can conveniently be made from any page-capable phone in your facility.

Zone Paging

Your facility can be segmented into paging zones to give staff flexibility and control over where pages are sent and heard. A page can be sent either only to certain areas, into groups of defined areas, or to your entire facility at once.

Emergency Override

Emergency override overrides any other audio playing through speakers so you can get an announcement out to everyone in the facility. If your facility plays music in the background, the emergency override will always take precedence.

Spot Sound Masking

Spot Sound Masking Speakers, the simplest and most inexpensive approach to assisting medical facilities can create an environment where the right to privacy is respected without unnecessarily burdening staff or compromising your organization’s ability to provide patient care.

Night Ring / Ringing Bell

When your phone system shifts to night mode, after hours, or at pre-set intervals, we can have it send a signal to your paging system so that it will ring throughout your facility.

Background Music

Background music can be piped throughout your entire facility, or only to certain areas. When a page is made, the background music will mute temporarily until the page is completed.

Alert Tones

A variety of tones can be set up to indicate shift changes at pre-set times in the business paging system. The desired tones can be triggered and intervals and linked to external equipment.

Having business paging systems installed can benefit a business in many ways:

  • Easily find a co-worker in the office
  • Play background music
  • Mass notifi