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Data Transfer with Fiber Optic cable is much faster than it is with the Ethernet cable and hence it’s generally a more preferred mode for data transmission. Fiber Optic cables are an efficient medium to carry communication signals using pulses of light and are being extensively preferred over copper cabling in recent times. Therefore, it is essential to have a perfect design and perform a responsive and intelligent Fiber Optic cabling system installation. CablingHub Toronto has certified & professional Fiber data cabling experts who are highly skilled in Splicing and Termination of multimode and single mode Fiber optic cables.

CablingHub Toronto offers a full range of Fiber Optic installation services including fiber optic splicing, optical fiber termination, and installation of all external fiber optic cabling, fiber optic cable testing, and supplying of fiber optic cables and testing equipment. We provide affordable solutions for designing and building Fiber Network Communication Architecture to help companies lower costs and maximize their business efficiency.

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CablingHub is a leading Fiber optic Installation company in Canada and provides cabling services in Toronto, Brampton, and Mississauga, and all across the GTA. Our company is a leading supplier of high-quality Fiber Optic cables, Fiber Optic parts, and equipment at affordable costs. We offer a great range of accessories for Optical Fiber Networks including Bulk Fiber cables, Armoured Fiber Patch cables, Loose Tube Fibers, single mode and 62.5/125 multi-mode Fiber Patch leads, cords, and Fiber Optic connectors at very reasonable prices.

Exclusive Fiber Cabling Services

Installation of Bulk Fiber Cables, Fiber Patch Cables, Multimode Fiber Cables, Single Mode Fiber Cables, Fiber Cabling Cabinets, Business Phone Systems, Fiber Optic Patch Panel Installation, Fiber Optic Terminations, Fiber Optic Splicing, Fiber Optic OTDR Testing, Fiber Optic Repair Service, Extend or Relocate Fiber Cabling and more.

CablingHub specializes in helping its clients to upgrade their existing Data Fiber Networks, as well as maintain and improve their technology systems to be up to date with the latest technologies. With the latest Fiber Optic testing equipment and certified cabling technicians serving throughout the GTA, our company provides you with professional structured cabling techniques for fiber optic line installation. We offer the best fiber termination services to small and large businesses for both the public and private sectors including warehouses, hospitals, malls, newly relocated businesses, restaurants, stores, etc.

Available Optical Fiber Cable and Connector Types

Fiber Optic Types

From the initial design stage to final testing, we carefully install all types of Fiber Optics, no matter whether it is internal or external, single mode fiber or multimode fiber including:

  • OFC: Optical fiber, conductive
  • OFN: Optical fiber, nonconductive
  • OFCG: Optical fiber, conductive, general use
  • OFNG: Optical fiber, nonconductive, general use
  • OFCP: Optical fiber, conductive, plenum
  • OFNP: Optical fiber, nonconductive, plenum
  • OFCR: Optical fiber, conductive, riser
  • OFNR: Optical fiber, nonconductive, riser
  • OPGW: Optical fiber composite overhead ground wire
  • ADSS: All-Dielectric Self-Supporting
  • OSP: Fiber optic cable, outside plant
  • MDU: Fiber optics cable, multiple dwelling unit


Optical Fiber Connector Styles


Over 100 Fiber Optic connectors are available in the marketplace, but only a few of them are most commonly used to make fiber termination easier. That includes ST, SC, FC, Mating Dissimilar Connectors, LC, FDDI – ESCON, MT-RJ, Opti-Jack, Volition, LX-5, MU, MPO, Military or Ruggedized Connectors, Deutsch 1000, SMA, BICONIC, NEC D4, AMP OPTIMATE and many more.

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