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Data Centre Fibre Cabling Solutions

Data centre Cabling

Are you looking to run data cables to connect your Data Centers? Cabling Hub Canada offers specialized Cabling solutions for Data Centres across Canada. When it comes to Data Centre cabling, our experienced & professional IT support and Technical Cabling team offers a unique combination of skills and technology. Being a part of a leading IT Support company in the heart of Toronto, Cabling Hub offers your business highly optimized and efficient Data cabling solutions for seamless connectivity. We can easily run multiple cabling nodes across your Data Centres to give you a seamless, uninterrupted data supply. We understand that Data Centres are constantly growing and therefore they need a high-density, scalable, and flexible cabling infrastructure. Whether you need Fibre to Fibre run or just copper cabling, CablingHub has the right solution for you.

Data Centre Design and Installation

At Cabling Hub, we do Data Centre Cabling and Design all under one roof. Apart from Connectivity solutions for Cat5e and Cat6, we also offer a wide range of other data cabling solutions for Data Centres which includes – Covering the installation of Fibre optic and Copper cables, server room rack layout, Data Centre network Cabling, Fusion Splicing, Data Centre Design, UPS installation, grounding and bonding and layout and more. We perform installation of the standards of industry leading cabling solutions including that of Belden, Panduit, Hubbell, and Tripplite.

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