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Physical Security & Communication Systems

Toronto Phone, Voice, VoIP Cabling

Every industry and business has various needs as well as challenges when it involves managing security. We at CablingHub because of decades of experience working with different clients are well aware of the time and effort you have invested in developing your company.

CablingHub’s qualified technicians can assist with security camera installations, surveillance camera installations, large commercial building installations, CCTV camera installations for warehouses, condominiums, manufacturing plants, and any other kinds of work facilities to ensure the security and safety of your business, staff, and surroundings. Along with this we also provide communications systems services. Our services are accessible in Toronto and most of the neighboring cities such as Brampton, Mississauga, Milton, Markham, Kitchener, and Vaughan to name a few.

Our Physical Security and communication Systems Solutions include:

Security Camera System

CablingHub designs and implements a security camera system tailored according to your specific needs. As a leading security camera installation company in Toronto, we offer stellar service and install security camera systems that are flexible and capable of adapting to social change. Our team has vast experience with modern security camera systems and they will help you decide the best system for your security needs.

Access Control Systems

CablingHub offers Access Control Solutions, which will improve the security of your building while safeguarding assets, property, and people. Access Control systems are essential not just for preventing unauthorized persons from entering your property but also for monitoring people’s activity in a building; our solutions include expertly built modern systems coupled with card readers, turnstiles, and gates to manage access.

Business Paging Systems

At CablingHub, the design and service of paging systems is one of our strongest capabilities. CablingHub’s technicians have been engineering, installing, and repairing business paging systems with great success in the Toronto area over the years. We can meet all your needs and provide you with the best communication interface that your business needs to run smoothly.

Business Phone Solutions

Our cost-effective VoIP Solutions help you achieve much more effective and faster means of communication in comparison to traditional phone systems that will give you benefits like saving you from long-distance charges like charges for international calls on traditional systems and high-quality voice communication with improved call-handling efficiency for your customers.