The Importance of Structured Cabling for Modern Businesses

Modern business is hard to imagine without computers and internet […]

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Chetan R

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September 20, 2023

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Modern business is hard to imagine without computers and internet technology, especially in the wake of globalization, tight competition, and ever-increasing demands of consumers. There are several things that play a crucial role in making a business firm successful in the modern environment. The use of IT processes is a part of it, which we can further branch into various components – the primary areas being the Software, Hardware, and Cabling. In this blog, we are going to discuss the Cabling part which is best done in the manner that is popularly known today as Structured Cabling. We are going to shed light on what it really is, how it is done perfectly, and what its role and importance are in the growth of your business.


What Is Structured Cabling –


Structured Cabling is a standardized cabling installation approach for interconnecting multiple devices at your workplace and providing your systems with smooth and reliable network connectivity. Structured Cabling is considered most suited for today’s modern business environment where multiple hardware systems are required to be supported with a seamless Internet connection. It provides a business with many benefits like helping it in setting up a well-organized IT infrastructure and much more that we will discuss further in the article.


Why It Is Important for Your Business –


While planning for the setup process of your business communication systems, you will be getting to have to structure your cabling infrastructure. A good cabling system is very crucial for quality voice and data communication, therefore Structured cabling has to be done very carefully and with perfection.  A poorly done cabling will lead to later problems for the workplace and will lead to direct or indirect financial losses. Structured cabling is the foundation of your communication system. In fact, it is just as important as your Software and Hardware systems. To be successful, every business firm needs its network to be performing optimally and Structured cabling is an absolute necessity for it.


hand holding network cable on the switch hub in server room background



Structured Network Cabling Installation –


The installation must be done keeping in mind the current and future requirements of your business and factors like whether your office is based at the particular place/ building permanently or temporarily. For the network cabling installation, you must hire a qualified and experienced cabling solutions expert service. If you have an IT manager, then he can work with the data cabling professionals to ensure a smoothly done installation and one which is done in accordance with your cabling needs kept in focus such as choosing the right type of wires/ cords and the right lengths. Several types of wires in compatibility with Structured Cabling are commonly used at present such as Fiber Optic, Shielded, and Unshielded Twisted Pair which are further divided into Cat5, Cat 5e, and Cat 6, etc. The prices of the cables may vary depending on the type and length of them to be used in your office. The fee that the expert charges for installing the network cables is determined by the wire length per sq. ft. usually.


Some of the Main Benefits of Structured Cabling –


  • Better Uptime


Structured Cabling enables speedy and smooth data and voice interaction for the users over the network with minimum downtime. The network wiring is done in a planned manner and as such provides the best possible data communication experience to the users in a business organization and saves you from that agitating downtime when you have to sit waiting for pages to load or voice calling to occur free of interruptions and buffering while carrying out your specific business activities.


  • Scalable and Adaptable –


Structured Data Network Cabling accommodates scalability as new connections can be created easily and in the right manner as per the company’s requirements when there is a need to expand the range of hardware IT equipment in the business premise.


  • Reduces Risks Associated with Cables –


A well-rounded proper structuring ensures that all the cables are neatly adjusted and that there is no unwanted mess of wires that could potentially lead to a fatal accident when fumbled upon by a staff member unknowingly, as well as it also saves the wires from other kinds of damage or breakage, and they last much longer and allow your business to avoid unwanted expenses.


  • Flexibility –


You will not have to be worried about many of your everyday business needs and demands since Structured Cabling paves the way for high-quality audio & video calling, video conferencing, and data communication. It will allow you to handle your business tasks effectively without having to encounter downtime. Besides, it will give you the scope for expanding your online features and presence with great bandwidth, boosting the quality of the work environment. Indirectly, by saving you the headache of so many unnecessary problems with technology-related tasks, it boosts your business gains to a great extent.


  • Troubleshooting is Easier –


Troubleshooting any system problem after identifying is much easier when you have structured cabling done at the office building. You can easily diagnose or locate the problem in a well-organized cabling system and perform the troubleshooting procedure faster. This significantly boosts your business continuity and ensures that minimum possible interruption is caused to your business operations and tasks.



Closing Remarks –


As we have discussed above, Structured data cabling has several advantages from minimizing downtime, to increasing the longevity of the wires. Therefore, Structured cabling with all its benefits makes your staff work more productively which in turn leads to increased profits for your business, so its place is undoubtedly very important in modern-day business. With over a decade of experience in cabling design and installation, as well as working with several clients, Cabling Hubs Network Cabling Services can give you the best Structured Network Cabling solutions advice for your business needs. We are always available at any time and any day of the week to guide you for your perfect Structured Data Cabling Solutions. So, Contact us now for a free consultation.

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