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Server Room Design

Setting up a Server room or redesigning a new server room? Need Server room cabling design? We can help you assist in the design of your server room setting up planned network cabling services. Structured Data cabling is a an art and we have passionate cabling experts to set up your data and voice cabling network. Our Systematic server room cabling design services helps your server room to be aesthetic organized and looking. Also good cabling improves data flow, proper airflow and reduces data dropouts giving you seamless conectivity.

Server Room Design

Efficient Server Room Cabling Solutions

A well managed server room cable management is a science and this is implemented properly, it can reduce troubleshooting time dramatically while keep your data loss at minimum. There are number of factors which you need to keep in mind while planing for a organized server room wiring. Some of these factors includes:

  • Ensure enough room and space to allow server room cabling
  • Keep Data and electric cabling seperate zones
  • Always create system designs before working onsite
  • Cabling should always be color-coded or labeled
  • Always keep note of attenuation and crosstalk
  • Always use good quality of Cabling material and testing equipments
  • Use zip ties and cable ties to Cables organized
  • Keep enough heads and cable around to make replacements.