Cat 6 cabling

Why Cat5e Cabling expensive as compared to Cat6



Cat5e Cabling no doubt has been one of the most popular Network cabling media in the last 5 years. However, due to changing times and needs, a more efficient Cable called Cat6 has replaced Cat5e as the most popular Cabling media. With the advent of 10GBASE-T, a higher performing category 6 or category 6a has become the need of the hour. Cat5e has certain limitations as it cannot support 10Gg/s for a distance over 15-20 meter while Cat6 can go upto 60 meters while Cat6a can support 10GB/second over a distance of 100 meters. Apart from the data carrying capacity, Cat 6 has a tighter twist in the cables, which allows for two-way communication on each pair of wires, where Cat 5e does not allow this feature. Compared with Cat 5e, Category 6 features more stringent specifications for crosstalk and system noise.

As per an independent survey from a top cabling infrastructure company called Seimon, the total cost of ownership for cat5e is high as compared to cat6 or Augmented cat6 cable. Several factors such as the Lifecycle of the system, deployment cost and future-proofing exercise makes cat5 cabling a non-viable solution in today’s time. Contact us for all types of Cat5e and Cat6 Cabling services for your business in the Greater Toronto Area.