Structured Cabling vs Point to Point Cabling

Network Cabling requires a good amount of careful planning and execution and therefore Structured Cabling is always recommended over Point to Point Cabling. Structured cabling is a planned cabling system that systematically set your essential communications mediums including voice, data, video, multimedia, security and control for today and the future.

Point to Point cabling on the other hand is a cabling system that connects one point of communication to other. Or in other words its a cabling system which connect one switch, server or storage unit directly to another switch, server or storage unit. Point-to-point cabling system is an ideal solution for small set up or less number of connections. However companies with high number of usage should only go with Structured Cabling.

With Structured Cabling, you get the flexibility to accommodate moves, adds and changes hence maximizing performance and availability and also redundancy.  Point to Point works on principle of install as required with no structured system.