Fiber optic cabling- Connecting the world at a faster pace

Internet and Telecommunication industry has been stormed by the arrival of Fiber optic cabling. Apart from being light in weight, Fibre Optic offers greater bandwidth and more elasticity. Over and above it, the core reason behind its attractiveness is that advanced technology used by these cables.

In consequence, the whole fiber optic technology makes use of optical fibers. There are so many cabling companies available these days from where you get the details of the optical fibers and their installation solutions.  These optical fibers are thin, ultra-flexible as well as transparent and transmit the light between two ends of the fiber. So, with their superior technology these are more appropriate for smooth communication between far distances. In addition to it, the usage of these cables results in much less loss of signals which means uninterrupted, faster and reliable communication. Mainly, quality plastic material is used for making these cables. However, these can be made from plastic clad silica or glass in accordance with the budget and application for which these cables are being used. Copper wires use electronic signals to transmit signals whereas light pulses are being used in fiber optic cables to transmit signals.

Fibre runs though are expensive are considered more viable and economical in the long run. They vary is size and between 0.8mm to 40mm offering lot of flexibility for data transmission. Being tremendously thin, numerous fibers can be combined mutually letting many connections to run in the same cable. It offer faster data speeds, gives clearer telephone connections as well as TV functions, as the light signals which are in the same cable do not slow down each other’s working. This eventually results into much fewer losses of signals. These cables can also be described as the secured ones because no electricity passes through these cables and hence there will not be any fire issues.

In comparison with other wires like copper wires, this Fiber optic cabling are undeniably the better ones for the reason that these are small- sized and light weighted and transmit data faster. With all the major benefits, it’s obvious that why fiber optic cables are being used in a lot of computer and telecommunications networks. These cables are observed as the most trusted and the best replacement of copper wires. So if you want to install this fiber optic cabling, then there are a lot of websites on the internet that can help you to search the best company with affordable prices.

Network Cabling

Do you ever think of what connects computer and network to one another? Network cabling offer best transmission media that connect and transfer the data across the intranet and the internet. You will find that network cabling today is very vital for different purposes of computer networking and in conjunction with the associated hardware like switches, hubs and so on that helps data to transmit over transmission media or network cabling. Network cabling is much useful to carry video data for various applications hence different types of network cables are used. The different network cabling involves coaxial cable, twisted pair cable and fiber optic cable that have specific quality and features to carry data over the network.

Whether you need to install computers, telephones, CCTV cameras or networks to connect with each other, the variety of cables are used that work effectively. Even to install wireless system you need network cabling that is more reliable and secure transmission medium. Prior to understand the working of network cables you need to know about the features of different network cables. These network cabling can be utilized on different size, topology and protocol of the network that can cater your need for successful transmission. The commonly used Unshielded/ Shielded Twisted Pair network cabling is widely used for different Ethernet network purposes. For several applications these reliable networking cable are used as these twisted pair network cabling offer less failures.

The fiber optic network cabling is mainly used as the backbone cable that offers huge broadband capabilities and allows it to carry large data at fast speed. Compare to different cables this type of transmission medium is great to cover larger distances with minimum data loss features hence the fiber optic network cabling is a perfect choice for reliable and high-speed data communications. These network cablings offer effective and great communication and connectivity solutions to business management systems which are crucial with prospect to business operations. The vital network cabling solutions can be composite to install, design and maintain hence only a professional, experienced expert can offer most tailored network cabling alternatives.

The reputed and professional experts can offer you best advice to their customer and assure them for correct transmission of data over the installed and maintained structured network properly. Thus you need to find the reliable and leading company that can cater your every requirement.

Structured Cabling and its facts

Being a part of the tech-savvy world, you would have definitely observed the rapid growth in information technology that has expanded the entire businesses. Connecting computer systems to share confidential information, documents and files without any complexities is now possible only with the effective communication systems. Today, with the aim to provide strong and reliable network infrastructure, the cabling systems are being designed and introduced in the field. Basically structured cabling is the most useful technique that is widely used in different kinds of industries including BPO’s, Software Companies, Information Technology, Railway, Banks, etc. The entire structured cabling installation is to be done fruitfully to provide an unfailing network infrastructure solution.

As the structured cabling offers great flexibility in networking hence it is helpful in transmitting several types of data, Audio-Video Files, E-mails and much more. It is considered as a beneficial tool with prospect to business as offers great opportunity to perk up the communication systems among employees regarding the products or services. A smart cabling system usually connects the entire servers, network devices along with computers together in such a way that complete data, voice or multimedia traffic can be easily routed, as per the usage also reduces the maintenance cost. It offers an exceptional ROI and a well-structured cabling system are capable to outlive the entire other networking components plus require minimal upgrades presenting the strong foundation for every business.

By involving structured cabling system in your business you will be able to avoid various network problems that include the unnecessary packet transmission, increased latency, data corruption and so on. Structured Cabling usually consists of high-speed data cables that are much helpful in maintaining the productivity of the business organization together with keeping the track records of business. Quality cables likes Cat 5E, Cat 6, Fiber Optic and voice cabling are the most preferred types of cables that are widely used while installing the strong and effective structured cabling systems. These featured cablings are great in enhancing the entire network communication effectively to boost up the workflow.

To be ahead in the field better connectivity is very essential and to get so one can use Fiber optic cabling. Fiber optic cabling has revolutionized the data communication and hence become the best choice among internet users. It offers faster connection speed rather than coaxial or twisted pair cables. The fiber optic cable is mostly used as the backbone of the communication cabling, in addition carries information at much higher speed without any data loss or corruption as quickly as possible.

Utilizing the set of cabling and connectivity products provide comprehensive communication as per the user offer several benefits like:

1)      Consistency of design and installation.

2)      Uniform documentation.

3)      Physical and transmission line requirement conformance.

4)      To examine the future expansion and other changes.

With the use of different standard network installation, the need for unique structured cabling system can be fulfilled. The structured cabling system is unique due to architectural structure of building or campus, connection and cabling products, equipment types, customer requirement and manufacturing warranties. The entire cabling is done with the set of standards so as to deliver better data or voice communication using different categories of cables.

The strong cabling systems require quality components to present a better means of communication including circuit protection devices, cables, connecting hardware and transition hardware. The connectors used in interfacing a cable to a piece of equipment provide the best coupling mechanism while reducing the loss to minimum. With the use of fiber optic cabling, it allows transferring of light impulses from one connector to another and for copper it allows transferring of electrical signals among the connectors.

For perfect structured cabling the requirement of good connection is more pre-requisite as it aligns the connectors together in preventing them from unintentional separation among the connectors. Thus, connectors are the most crucial in order to integrate the entire communication network as connectors attach, align, decouple the media to transmit or receive on any specified communication device.

Rather to use ad hoc cabling system in organization it is strongly recommended to use structured cabling system as it will increase the efficiency of the entire communication infrastructure. Structured cabling will not only helpful in maintaining a well-organized cabling system but also very helpful in fault detection. As the structured cabling system is installed with proper planning, it is helpful in optimal cabling as per your requirements. According to your business needs and budgets you can tailor the best structured cabling system that can be proven aesthetically pleasing to you as well. Concerning future needs, these cabling systems are the best options to increase or decrease the communication channels with great convenience and comfort. Thus, these cabling systems are now the best and unique choice of the business infrastructure throughout the world.

Fibre Optic cabling – Know it

Everyday we seem to hear about new technologies in Data Cabling transfer with the new claims of faster data compared to their peers. Fibre Cabling is one of them having brought a revolution in data tranfer. We have been hearing a lot about Fiber optics and how major ISPs (Internet Service Providers) are adopting the technology to make your online experience faster. Even Google has started their own internet service – based on fiber optics, and it is the fastest commercially available connection at a whopping 1000 mb/s, or 1 gb/s. That is insanely fast especially compared to the average connection in Canada which is between 10-25 mb/s. Fiber optics definitely has a lot of hype going for it these days, and it rightly deserves it.

Unlike traditional cables that pass information using electricity, and electrical pulses, fiber optics relies on light- and as we know there is nothing faster than light. This also means that the cables used to carry fiber optic connections have more to them than traditional cables such as cat 5. If the name didn’t give it away, fiber optic cables are made from glass fibers that are used to carry light across the cable. If you have a relatively powerful home theater system at home, you may already be familiar with this technology as many home theater systems use optical cables to carry sound as this ensures that the signal never degrades and has limited interference for the best sound possible.

Aside from providing an exceptionally fast connection, and experiencing less signal interference and degradation. Fiber optic cables do not interference with surrounding other cables not affecting the surrounding connections. Also, these cables are considerably lighter and thinner than their coaxial and Cat5 counterparts. Fiber optics also provide higher bandwidths over longer connections, and during installation eliminating spark hazards.

Granted fiber optic technology may have a lot going for it, but it isn’t without flaws. Due to the cables using glass fibers to transmit data, they are more fragile than traditional cables and cannot be bent, nor tied. In large geographical areas, cable installations have to create very large turning radius to ensure the cables don’t get damaged. This technology is also being adopted very well, but isn’t compatible with all types of existing hardware just yet. Finally commercially available fiber optics is still very expensive. With some pros and cons Fibre Optic Cabling is here to stay. Looking to install or terminate Fiber Cabling, simply contact for free quotes.

Asbestos Training in Cabling

Cabling Hub Organised special training session on Cabling in Asbestos linked environment. Asbestos is a major Health hazard and we want our cabling team of be fully aware and cautious of Asbestos related hazards and therefore a special training was organised at our office to avoid to effects of Asbestos Environment. The objective was to provide proper handling and avoid exposure to Asbestos related work place keeping them abreast of the hazards of asbestos exposure, personal hygiene and appropriate work practices and procedures to avoid such dangerous environment.